Movie Bum

Yesterday I wrote a post about the excessive soreness that is permeating throughout my body, sourced from a point just below my tailbone.  This soreness has led me to watch more movies in the last three days than I have in the last three weeks.

I’m not a movie reviewer, but I had such a spectrum of opinions on these movies that I just had to write a wee bit about them.

Here’re my takes:

Baby Mama – Um, Tina Fey? WTF happened? You DO realize you’re a brilliant writer, right? Did someone kidnap you and force you to act in this one?  Ugh. Hokey, and not that funny.  AND you really pissed me off when you made me feel all warm and fuzzy in the really cute end scene.  Don’t DO that!

Wonder Boys – OK, so this one is a middle-grounder.  I’m not going to say that much about it because the IMDB will tell you what you need to know.  I enjoyed it… but I found it a little slow-moving in the latter half.  Toby Maguire plays his weirdo part REALLY well, and Michael Douglas does an above-average job.  Katie Holmes?  I hope you get wrinkles soon, because you’re a pretty good actor, but I can’t help but think you’re twelve in every part you play.

Rocket Science – Saved the best for last.  This is GREAT.  I mean it.  It portrays highschool(ers) in this non-clicheed, honest, wonderfully intelligent way.  It’s about a young boy [Hal Hefner played by Reece Thompson] with a terrible and unpredictable stutter, who is kind of lost in his sad little world.  He is ‘ferretted’ by this amazing character [Ginny Ryerson played by Anna Kendrick], who is a star policy debater.  Her capacity to speak at astronomical speeds literally blows me away. I would love to meet the person who inspired this character, because her strength and presence is phenomenal.    So this movie is a love story, but it doesn’t make me want to yatter.  I’ll leave it at that.


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