Soooo… um, people who are around me when I read EYE or who read my blog are frequently asking me questions like ‘Hey, who’s this writer chick you talk about all the time?’ and then I get into a breathless frenzy of YAY-ing the crap out of Carraway’s quarter-life crisis article, (the Big Bang of my K.C. fanship) or I talk about the Pleasure War, and then maybe a random assortment of a couple others, based on that person’s interests.  But usually I just say something along the lines of  ‘She is like, this mind reader, who writes about my own life… except it’s her life, but really it’s my life.’

Soooo… um, I think that the amount of times I link to this woman’s writing and the amount of times I comment on her own posts and articles might mean I have to start a whole new ‘category’ in my blog. 

Yep. It does mean that. Done. 

Do you like that, Kate?  Other people may call you a narcissist, but I just think we all like a little feedback.

So what inspired this was yesterday`s piece about the new year`s resolutions of ‘Toronto art-scene luminaries.’ Perhaps my self-imposed cooping up due to the snow and wind and excessive cold has led me to follow 6-degrees-of-separation-type-thought-trains more often than necessary, but here are the coincidences:

  • The Title – We all know the Beatles, but there are some songs that stick with us more than others. This is not one of my better-known selections, but it has been STUCK IN MY HEAD lately because I was the singer for this song when I recently played Rock Band with my 6 cousins (one mom, one dad, FOUR daughters), my aunt, my uncle, and my Mom! Fun.
  • The first entry – Owen Pallett is obviously an incredibly unique and talented artist, but it’s not like he comes up in conversation on a daily basis.  But I had a lovely lady over recently and we were talking about music and either Owen or Imogen came up first on the topic of great live shows, and we proceeded to watch a great number of youtube videos of both artists.
  • She linked to Basia – who just happens to be one of my besties.  I love her (both as a friend and an incredibly talented and passionate artist), so it gets me really excited when I hear her on the radio, or see her CD in stores, or read about her or anything really.  YAY two of my faves are in knowledge of each other!
  • Kate Carraway – Wowee-zowee: we have one resolution overlap, and one stark contrast.  I would also like to be a good daughter.  Aspartame however, is not going anywhere. I like Fresca WAY too much.


SO! Another category begins.  Let’s see how long it lasts!?


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