bold statement coming up:

*best thing to happen to the toronto food scene = the ridiculous quantity of falafel/shawarma places*

way back when I was a high-school student, I would go to the original Ghazale, for falafel or roasted veggie sandwiches, of course with a can of heaven:

oh baby, bring it home to mamma

BUT now… NOW!!!! Now I can get that cheap, filling, nutritiousness in almost any area of this city!  I love that! For under 5 dollars I can get bread, protein, veggies, and something dairy-like (tahini) all wrapped into one bundle of Mmmmmm!


 This image of a beef shawarma  is almost perfect, but it either needs some red cabbage, some pickles, or some pickled turnip. Oh! And hot sauce.

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  1. andrea said:

    I never realized how much I missed shwarma – because God knows the Korean aren’t interested – until I rather begrudgingly found myself at a shwarma shop in a Stockholm market ….. and suddenly my tastebuds exploded. Trust the Swedes.

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