Ess. Oh. Ess.

Alright, adult life; I’m about ready to engage with you again, but like I’ve said before; I need HELP.

I’m about to embark into that crazy realm of path-seeking, soul-searching, heart-achin, love-makin…   

No wait!  Just the path-seeking part. 

I’m going to ask for assistance.  I’m going to NEED assistance.  This old lady is out of practice for the real process of job-searches. I haven’t sought a ‘real job’ since the days of co-op placement!  Mayhaps I will write about this adultified journey, but likely it will just mean that the kinds of things I notice and remark upon here will be less often in the fields of bars and restaurants, and more often in the field of libraries and employment resource centres.  

First observation; I’m in the most beautiful library ever and I haven’t read a real-live-book all day. I’m going to take a break from this free internet and browse the titles in the adult fiction section.

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