Host Heist

Hey there hosts and hostesses of restaurants,  I have a tip for you:  show people to their tables! 

Some patrons may obviously want to pick their own spots, but when we specifically ASK YOU TO CHOOSE A TABLE FOR US, … … … choose a table for us!

This post was prompted by a lovely visit with a lovely lady on a not so lovely evening in a lovely restaurant

It sparked a conversation about the recent increase in the phenomenon of people acquiring the services of others not to do things FOR them, but to do things WITH them.  My short list of examples include:

What I find so interesting about all of these examples (except for the wine-making) is that the working-together option for such products or services are more expensive than just making them on your own, or worse; buying one for yourself.  I suppose the point could be made that these services provide both the service and the know-how to be self-sufficient in the future.

This entry is a bit *looptacular*, but I really just wanted to complain about the table-finding service.







Look out for a soon-to-be-active blog about portmanteaus; a phenomenon of the verbal and written variety that I both use and notice frequently.  It seems that urban dictionary predicts that I will likely document this phenomenon in an appropriately cliche and uncreative fashion.

  1. LovelyLady said:

    Great post. Might I add another “DIW” (do it with) example? A little shameless promotion of my favourite non-profit org.

    The Stop Community Food Centre offers a really neat “Food for Change” program whereby you have the opportunity to cook a five course meal for guests (or, if you prefer, you can BE a guest) in the kitchen alongside an acclaimed chef:

    The wine example is a great one. Beer too – which I much prefer because the end result is much tastier!

    What about ‘make your own cookies’? Have you heard of Sweet Flour Bake Shop in Toronto? Mmmmm…

    The list could go on.

  2. I just wanted to let you know, that I save up all your blog posts in my google reader, and read them all at once about once a month – and I love it!
    You are a funny girl.


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