Do the NASSE

My hilariously verbose world-traveller ladyfriend has written another winner in the realm of blog entries about made-up acronyms.

This is my response:

I’m on jury duty as a potential juror using my lappy.
My position of choice is:

Cross-legged on the thinly-carpeted floor, with a padded chair in front of me which holds my laptop so that my forearms are supported while I absently click through the internet.

I’m getting tired of the banal comments from the other jurors who think it’s quite comical/noteworthy that I don’t sit on one of the provided chairs.  The comments range in hilarity/interestingness from ‘you found your spot, eh?’ to ‘you got the best seat in the house, eh?’ to ‘no table for you, eh?’   I’m pretty good at feigning interest in what people say… but the fake smiles are eating up my internet-browsing energy.

Sorry folks.  Earphones are staying on.  I’m officially one of the most anti-social people in here.

Civic Duty?  more like civic doodoo

1 comment
  1. xedapsicle said:

    thanks for the shout out lady!

    (did you get out of it?)

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