Soooo yeah, my basement neighbour is one of those bass-obsessed types.  The kind of person that can only listen to music with a subwoofer.  The kind of person who needs to FEEL his music as well as hear it.  I’m two floors above him and his music vibrates my bed… and not in a good way.

So this morning, when the bass had finally subsided at like, 430 in the a.m…. of course the ol’ pup decides that it is then that she needs to go out for a walk/pee!

So I took her out and took advantage of the cool light and took some pics:



  1. xedapsicle said:

    where’s the like button?

  2. littlebitesbigwood said:

    Don’t conform to fb standards!!!!

    Our comments are what sets this biznatch apart.

  3. Nathan said:

    Yeah we have at least 3 neighbors like Mr. Bass-man. We just grit our teeth and look for the earplugs. You’ve got to wonder about folks who are so completely oblivious to the discomfort they cause others.

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