huevos ranchnonos

Hey there Toronto breakfast joints, I have some news for you:

When someone orders Huevos Rancheros for breakfast they want to be filled to the brim with starchey, protein-filled deliciousness. 

There should be no white showing on the plate.  There should be guacamole [not avocado chunks], and there should be plenty o’ full-fat sour cream. There should be no capability to eat another meal, post-huevos.  In fact, there should be a bit of a  strain to stand, post-huevos.


Universal Grill:  understands the  huevos concept and has pretty much mastered it, AND has the loveliest servers ever.

Sunrise Grill & Crepe: not so much with the huevo-understanding-thing, nor the decent-service-thing.


Both restaurants have delicious homefries, though… just so you know.

  1. Nathan said:

    Being from the southwest US I had to mention that hot green sauce which makes every huevos rancheros dish into a moonlaunch.
    Of course I’ll settle for the hot red sauce if it will put me in orbit.
    Also eggs fried in real lard is a plus.
    Pass the Cholula please.

    Snowbound in Colorado

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