Somebody’s a mind reader!

AND, her last name is a seed from my favourite type of bread!!

So last night I fully realized that I like the reviews from Now magazine better, but for the most part, Eyeweekly has a far better team of writers.  I try desperately every week to get in some leisure reading of my own from my pile of books in my bedroom, but I can never dedicate enough time to feel like I’m really reading again.  BUT! But, but, BUT… every week, I get truly excited when I notice that the random piles of newspapers all over the city have new covers.  In the last few months, most of the covers of eye have made me react something like ‘Omigoodnessyes! They’ve written about that!?! I can’t wait to read this issue.’  

This week the cover is something about manchildren; the type of guys who never want to grow up (or aren’t capable of it) and are either proud of it, or just don’t care.  BUT, I didn’t really want to read that until I flipped through the paper to try to find something by Carraway.  A couple weeks ago she read my mind by doing a piece on [not] hoarding stuff right when I had decided that I was definitely going to give up my apartment in January to go on a trip to somewhere in South America and was suddenly feeling  weighed down by the accumulation of objects/stuff in my space.  I loved it.  So I was flipping through Eye last night and I was getting kind of sad because I got to all the sexyads and thought I was searching in vain… but lo and behold, there she was on the back page because her article this week was on..

dunh dunh dUNNNNNNH:

Procrasturbation.     Love it.  Both the activity and the article. 


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