Motivate, moti-hate, blahhhh.

Ok, I’m damn exhausted. Like, when your cheeks burn and your body aches and your hair follicles sort of sting. Why? Because today I got to do landscaping for an art installation.  I shovelled and lifted old concrete slabs all day to make Safety #2 for a series of art nights, (Obvi #1 is ART).  The stairs we build and the paths we create will be walked upon by hundreds of people.  I’m surrounded by inspired people and their faithful volunteers.  It’s tiring, but pretty rewarding.  

All I want to do now is take a burning hot shower and watch some bad youtube while I eat froyo, but the idea of not getting to learn a bit more tonight motivates me enough to haul my lazy ass to Spanish Class.

I really am not cut out to be a student, but DAMNIT I WILL LEARN THIS LANGUAGE.

Hasta luego.


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