thank you, ttc

Thank you for hosting the type of people who wear old-school blue jays hats, grey slacks, cheap earphones and moustaches.  And thank you, to one of those people, for shuffle-dancing your way along in front of me, and peeping a little tid bit of your spanish music.

And thank you, ttc, for employing the type of people who can and do still keep a smile on while they cart around the ridiculous quantity of trash that Toronto riders create each day.  And thank you, to one of those young employees, for keeping the cart of trash in the elevator door long enough that you had the chance to catch my eye as I walked towards the stairs, and stick out your tongue at me, and make me smile too.

Thank you, to both of you Torontonians, for reminding me that there is true pleasure in the little moments in this city.

And thank you, to another Torontonian, for inspiring me to write it down when I take notice of these types of moments.

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  1. Aww. you’re welcome fellow Torontonian. :)

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