After explaining that, on the evening prior, I had cooked and engaged with food preporatory activities for almost 6 hours, a certain lovely lady requested that I write about food more often.

Shortly after our phone conversation I went on a long bike ride to clear my head… and get rid of bubbles in my tracts :)

Upon arriving home, I decided I deserved a giant helping of something… 

Having completed a car-worthy shopping spree with my Mom just three days prior, I was much more stocked than I had been in the last two months of living on my own.

I could have chosen veggies and homemade hummus, or pasta salad with insanely ripe cherry tomatoes, or sweetpotatocarrotgingercoconutmilk soup, or crackers and cheese with strubs pickles [sigh], or granola bars, or yogurt, or anything healthy. 

Instead, I made myself a SUNDAE!!!!

– Vanilla frozen yogurt
– Chocolate chip cookie dough
– Creamy peanut butter
– Crushed girl guide cookies

Oh yes I did.

1 comment
  1. LovelyLady said:

    YESSS you DID! And it was delicious, wasn’t it? Atta girl. Now you made me want to eat cookie dough ice cream today. mmm.

    If you want even MORE good food porn, you should check out my friend’s blog here:

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