noodled me in!


Heyyyyy Alternative Grounds in Roncesvalles, you just TOTALLY impressed me with your ingenuity.  Maybe you’re not the first to do this, but you’re the first that I’ve noticed and I LOVE IT!

stir sticks!

stir sticks!

They use what I think is either raw fettuccine or linguine noodles as stir sticks for coffee! Now THAT is biodegradeable and economic AND kitschy!  I like you, A.G. I can’t wait to find out other reasons for why I do!

I thoroughly enjoy how many fair trade organic coffee shops are opening up and are already open in Toronto.  I will always choose them over starbucks, timmy’s, timothy’s, second cup, coffee time, country style, etc.  I hope others will continue to do so as well!

  1. Cathy K said:

    Hello lovely! Have you ever been to White Squirrel on Queen West? The best espresso I’ve ever had. I hear they have ice cream sandwiches! We must go.

  2. gramps said:

    and you get a snack along with your coffee!

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