i’m a little self-righteous

one month of garbage strike, following two weeks of garbage waiting for the next pick up
that’s 6 weeks and we haven’t had to empty our garbage or recycle bins into any public dump sites.

Two people. Our bins are nearing the top, but nowhere near overflowing. Should I feel good about this, or should I feel bad that they’ve reached as high as they have?

I realize that this strike has encouraged me to buy things with less packaging, to drink water instead of juice and pop, and to try to use more of a vegetable so I wouldn’t have to throw it in the compost.

I’m hoping that this strike has changed the consumer/waste habits of at least a portion of the people that are affected by it. The mountains of disgusting waste that are at the temporary dump sites tell me otherwise, but I’d like to have hope.

1 comment
  1. gramps said:

    I’m not sure if it a good/bad thing. You seem to have hit on new possibilities for yourself and, by extension, others. That is interesting to me. you are interesting to me.

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