In the water, I am beautiful

…and refreshed, and rid of limestone screenings, and cooled from the blazing sun, and healed from bruised knees, and released from the sounds and stresses of every day life.

Hot tubbing once and getting to swim four times in one weekend made me extremely happy.


I miss the water.


On a separate note,

I may or may not have bought 400 dollars worth of clothes on saturday night.  It may or may not have taken only 15 minutes to process that transaction.  I may or may not have returned 62% of that purchase.  I may or may not have itemized and coordinated said return, so that I didn’t feel so embarassed about returning 4 dresses, 2 bottoms, 7 tanktops, 2 long sleeves, and 3 t-shirts.

I have new clothes!


  1. gramps said:

    hey. want to come up to Georgian Bay sometime this summer? you can swim all you like! let me know if any dates are particularly good for you.

  2. littlebitesbigwood said:

    100% YES.

    i will get back to you re: dates… probably in august?

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