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I’m a bike rider.  It’s a relatively new identity for me.  I’d rather ride my bike than walk or take transit.  I will ride 13km and back to get a pay check.  I will carry picnic goods on the back of my bike. I haven’t reached hardcore status though, because I do not ride in the rain. 

ANYWAY. This isn’t about me.  This is about the fact that if I decided to bike to a concert, I could potentially plug my bike in to power that very concert.  I could ride a few extra kilometers to power the sound that will keep me dancing all night.

I just found out on CBC Radio One that since Mr Something Something wants to “emphasize the importance of audience participation and draw attention to sustainability issues, the Toronto collective has put together Canada’s first pedal powered sound system, the SoundCycle.”

They refer to this idea as dancefloor activism.  In the past I’ve heard about a group that figured out a way to harness the power of the movements that happen ON the dancefloor.  Something about registering the vibrations.  Anyway.  Whoever they are (which I’ll try to find out later), imagine if they played a concert together?

Mr. Something Something will be making an appearance at the Spring Opening of Pedestrian Sundays. No cars allowed there!

Stay active!

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  1. Luke said:

    I like this.
    Re: power from floor vibrations, I’ve heard of some subway systems either using or piloting a similar approach in their stations to generate power.

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