days 2 and 3 of my Pleasure War

Yesterday; biked to the grocery store, then biked to high park. 

Almost died on the way when my bike rack’s spoke thingy came loose and got lodged into my gears. 

Ate finger foods in the park. Held a beautiful baby on a blanket in the park. Layed around in the park. Played frisbee in the park

Went to an extremely elegant co-ed wedding shower and ate fancy open-faced sandwiches and talked to interesting people.

Slept ELEVEN HOURS… my body thanks me and will reward me with a desire to do more.

Today I crafted for a DIY wedding.  I brought the giant bulletin board for the name tags on the back of my bike.  Figuring out how to manage that without hurting myself or others certainly made me feel accomplished and full of pleasure.

Tomorrow I was going to go to this event, but then I found out I’ll be starting work literally 3 minutes from my house.  So, going to City Hall for pancakes, fun as it may be, is not quite worth tiring myself out on a Monday morning.

Anyone else participating in their own Pleasure War?

I guess I’ll have to figure something fun out for the evening.


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