“demanding amusement and excitement on an epic scale”

Wow.  Kate Carraway, how did I not find your writing before?  You kind of use swear words excessively, but you do it in a way that makes me feel like you’re shooting the shit with me on a porch, or in a park, or on a picnic, or playing bocce ball, and I love the HELL out of it!  And THAT is why I WILL take your competitive leisure challenge, and I WILL try to have the most amazing summer ever.

In an article in EYE weekly called “It’s (pleasure) war,” Carraway demands a few things: that we make the most out of our summer, that we don’t spend all our time texting and facebooking our hours away… basically, that we compete with each other to have the best activities ever.   I’m not quite sure I’m up for giving myself points for activities, but I do promise to try to do something fun every day.  Lucky for me, I already have a job that on most days, is pretty damn fun, but that isn’t going to stop me from planning activities as often as possible.

If you’re invited, and you can’t come.  I don’t care! Don’t make excuses about why you can’t come.  Just do your other stuff and think about the next fun thing that you’re going to invite ME too.  We’ll meet up eventually in battle!

Don’t forget to read the article.

  1. Kate Carraway said:

    Hi! Email me. Or call. 416-596-4313.

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