Please, hang up your f***ing phone and drive.

I’m guilty of it.  I know I am.  I know that I am far too accessible on my mobile device.  Yet somehow, I still feel entitled to be annoyed with others who are just slightly more accessible than me on their mobile device.  AND, for that matter, to those who are slightly less accessible than I am on my mobile device.  At least I’m aware of how unfair that is to my peers.

I asked one of my coworkers the other day what they thought would happen in about 250 years when archaeologists dig up our remains and our spines and necks and arm bones are all disfigured from the constant use of cellphones.

We used to worry about heavy purses causing spinal disfiguration, but something tells me that this will pale in comparison to what our bodies will look like from the technological devices we use.

Like I said, I’m guilty of it.  I’m not proposing that we get rid of our devices or cease to make advances on how much they can do, and how for they can reach. I like what Renny Gleeson says in this video – that it would be nice if the wonders and abilities of our phones and PDAs and such could make us more human, and not less.

My first attempt will be to stop answering the phone while I’m in the middle of conversation with someone else.  Unless it’s my mom.  You should always answer your mom’s calls!


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