Down to the Dirt

from Down to the Dirt’s Website

As many such journeys begin, Down to the Dirt started with a decision at the dining room table. In 2004 Writer/Director Justin Simms, Producer Anna Petras, Novelist/Lead Actor Joel Hynes and Co-Screenwriter Sherry White sat over tea and agreed to make the feature film adaptation of Joel’s first novel, Down to the Dirt, in which his ne’r-do-well alter ego, Keith Kavanagh, finds a most improbable redemption. Four years and thousands of cups of tea later, the film exists. (And all four key players are still alive.)

By far the best movie I’ve seen in a long time.

From the opening line to the end, it engaged me.  The characters were very realistic, and I felt that the movie truly captured what the writer (and lead actor) was trying to convey about life in ‘The Cove’. The writing was unique, witty, and raw.  From what I understand about directing, I think it was really well done.

There are some very graphically violent scenes, but I highly reccomend this movie.



A still from one of my favourite scenes:



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