Little Bites Six: Spoon

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Little Bites 6 is dedicated to spoons. 


  • Spooning leads to forking – I saw someone wearing this shirt the other day:
  • but then I googled it, and I found a better one,





 which is much more related to my next link.


  • you know what these are. I just wish I could go here.




  • Spoon plays  music – I haven`t listened to them. But they provide a whole new indie aspect to my website. I`m sure they`re cool. Their name is SPOON!



  • The Spoon – this is the whole reason I even felt inspired to do this entry.  I especially enjoy this poem. 



I’m sorry that the poem is linked to so much other ridiculousness. But really. How often does a poem inspire a blog? NEVER, right? I’m so unbelievably original. I’m going to go enter myself into an originality contest for original originality. And also for modesty. And for non-sarcasm.

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