The Invention of Air

I have a crush on the writer of this book.



Because he held himself up wonderfully to the gruelling, yet amazing task of being interviewed by Colbert. 

Plus, what he was talking about is actually pretty interesting. AND he has a great smile.



You should totally know that Robert Cornhole was OFFICIALLY the inventor of teeth.

  1. eqt said:

    so close, and yet so far.

    /even had a cite ;)

  2. Nyssa said:

    i just googled robert cornhole and wound up here. my boyfriend and i have estimated that colbert runs about three hours later here in australia, so i think both you and the internet are doing a fantastic job. just thought you should know. =)

  3. Anon said:

    You have a crush on him because of his intellect? That’s disgusting.

  4. Agreed with Anon, that’s just silly at best, asinine most likely

  5. littlebitesbigwood said:

    i am officially disgustingly asinine.
    can’t keep it from you guys!

  6. Andrea said:

    Brains are sexy.

  7. I thought Colbert was funnier when he was on The Daily Show. He doesn’t let his guests talk enough. He seems to always be talking over them.

  8. littlebitesbigwood said:

    @ last comment:
    that’s the whole point. he’s playing a character. and he plays it well.

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