Hey Blackberry Users:

How about you try not checking your email on your phone every ten minutes when you’re at a  CONCERT.

In case it’s not already INCREDIBLY clear why this is a BAD idea, here are some reasons laid out for you;

  1. the light from your screen is going to make security think you’re taking pictures, when you’re not. you’re not even paying attention!
  2. it’s incredibly distracting to those people who are sitting behind you, and that lame friend you bring to a concert who’s also not really interested
  3. since you own a blackberry, you probably already update where you are eight times daily, so most of your ‘friends’ are going to know you’re at a concert and they are going to think that;


anyway. Tegan and Sara were awesome, and I feel really lucky to have seen them in their last concert of this tour.  Broken Social Scene was interesting as always.  They have a such a cool jam- band vibe.

I love concerts…. minus the crackberry addicts.

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