you’re a big kid now.

as we get older, we start to get to go to events and parties that are hosted by those who are older than us.

sometimes the age difference makes the hosts much more mature, other times it just makes them a little more practiced in immaturity.

i would like to make some suggestions to people who are going to big kid parties:

  • if you’re invited to a closed-invitation event, don’t bring other people unless you ask first.
  • if you do invite other people, make sure they’re a reflection of yourself. if your invites are idiots, the hosts will remember them, and not you.
  • bring your own booze.
  • if your hosts offer you booze, accept it graciously, and then don’t take anymore until you’re offered it again.
  • if you spill a drink, clean it up.
  • if you break a glass, clean it up. and tell your hosts so they’re not surprised by it in the morning.
  • don’t invite minors to a grown-up party. hosts have enough to worry about without having to think about what would happen if a cop showed up and asked guests for ID.
  • socialize with other people. that’s what parties are for. if you’re just going to a party to hang out with those people you already know, you might as well stay home.
1 comment
  1. Amen sister. Mark and I talk about this all the time.
    We’re not in college, folks.

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