Little Bites Five – Crafts and Art

There’s been four before: Little Bites One, Two, Three & Four

Edition Five is about Crafts & Art.

  • Etsy – I’m sure most people have already heard of this website, but it is such a great artists community where you can buy and sell homemade art.  I’m pretty sure when I have a job again, this site will be the death of my savings account. Favourite thing: can filter results to your local artists! Economic AND Ecological!
  • Karkovski – This one pulled me in from  She also links to and is evidently quite crafty.  She speaks about ikea, but I think that her work is like a more skilled version of ikea toys and artwork.  It’s also nice to find a blog where people talk about their kids and it doesn’t feell ike a letter home to grandma.
  • Hemp Jewellry – I`m so very excited to think about making things out of hemp again! This entry is so cute because the person actually used paint to illustrate the square knot.  Most of the time they used photos and words, but I like this one the best. BUT I definitely disagree that you should buy your beads from Wal-Mart. Yuck. Wal-Mart = bad.

i`m tired. more will be updated later.

1 comment
  1. Rock One said:

    Hey, thank you very much for the linkage. And I agree, Wal Mart does = bad. Haha. However, bad = cheap.

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