Little Bites III

You may have explored littlebites I and littlebites II

but now it’s time for the third edition of what can waste my time AND yours for the low low price of… um.. no price.  Just click if you’re interested.

  • Bejewled – I am officially an addict.  I saw this on the sidebar somewhere and I had flashbacks from first year university.  Sitting at my non-ergonomic desk, in my old wooden chair with the decades-old scratchy fabric on it.  My roomie and I sitting there playing games while our overdue papers sat waiting for some attention from us.
  • Fruit Leather – This site doesn’t take much time to read.  It’s not that exciting. But it DOES give some kickass instructions on how to make pocket fruit.  Considering how much fruit-to-go and other bars are, and considering how GROSS fruit-roll-ups are, this is a GREAT time-consuming task that I intend to complete in the next couple of weeks.
  • I Love You (x100) – At the risk of being a total corn-star, I have listed this one because it made me smile.  I hope that people use it not only for their romantic partners,  but also for their family members and friends.  It’s a great little list of things that you can do to show you care.
  • How to Enjoy Paris for Free – All I can say is that this makes my desire to travel go through the roof (the sky?) Who knows. I like it. It gets my imaginatory juices flowing.
  • The Arrow of Time –  This is a really neat idea.  I had some friends when I was younger whose parents had a picture of each of them and their two brothers on the fridge EVERY year from kindergarten to the present.  It was like seeing a little flash book of their lives.   My mom does the same thing around Christmas, when she puts up all my Santa Claus pictures.  It’s crazy to see.

Annnnnd to end: A beautiful photo by Lydia MacIntosh:


  1. Chelle said:

    Aw, thanks so much for including my list of 100 ways to say I Love You! I’m glad it made you smile.

    I too could be addicted to Bejeweled if only I had more time :)

  2. Lydia said:

    Beautiful girl, you are awesome. Just was checking out my monthly stats of my website, following the links on how my site was found, and stumbled across this!
    Thanks so much for the support! I will be a follower of your blog now!


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