I am DEFINITELY not a baker!


HA times TWO even!

I am pretty sure I made the ugliest vanilla betty crocker from a box cake that has ever been made.


So I used this:

I thought I could create something like this:

I was sorely mistaken. My cake exploded in the middle.  So I spooned the uncooked water-ey part over the cooked edges.  then i ran out of room, so i chunked out parts of the corners…eventually, when it came out, i just turned it upside down and all the ‘raspberry swirl jam’ that i had envisioned so beautifully became a sort of caked on preserve-like mess.

it’s pretty ugly. but i’m pretty sure it’s going to be delicious.

oh well. i occupied myself for an hour and a half without using a computer. woop.

thank you new years ‘goals’


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