Go out and LIVE

These were the last lyrics of the last song that I heard before leaving a wonderful local cafe last night.

Incredible. There were four young men that arrived looking ‘thug’ if that’s even a proper description.  They stomped their feet in a manner that indellibly said “this is my space.”  I got the impression that this space very much was theirs. Theirs to explore, and use, and enjoy and relish in.  I didn’t realize how much of an understatement that would be.  The one who stomped the loudest, had the baggiest jeans, and had a demeanor that was the least inviting was the one who sat down at the piano and exploded beautiful music out of his extremely talented fingers.  It was unbelievable.  It shot goosebumps down my arms.  It made me feel like my body had been infused with a sort of musical air that could make me breathe like I’m supposed to breath again.

This wasn’t the end of my amazement.  Shortly after, there was a grouping of people on stage with different musical instruments including electric base, guitar, and many percussion instruments, and a girl with the most beautiful, soulful, rich voice I have ever heard.  I was trying to figure out who she reminded me of and all I could come up with was ‘a mixture of MaryJ Blige, Lauren Hill, Macy Gray, Ella Fitzgerald…. but better’

Anyway.  What a great evening out. 

It reminded me of this video: which makes me think that going to see open mic’s is one of the best ways to be truly surprised by the talent in your community.


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