Little Bites Two

I started this thing last tuesday to start keeping track of the websites I’m randomly stumbling across.

Issue two, coming right up:

When I was informed that someone clicked on thepicture in one of my former posts, I decided to look through their site again.  I found the first of this week’s little bites:

Noah Kalina – Apparently some sort of youtube cult star.  I have no idea. But I like his work.  I especially fell in love with this shot. And I’ve always wanted someone to take a picture of me like this.  There is just something incredibly alluring about the anonymity, despite the fact that it is an incredibly respectable nude shot.  I love the lighting and the framing and the general sense of ethereal-ness. (word?)

Uke Hunt – Oh my. What a find. My righteous dude stumbled across this video, of Will Smith singing Men In Black with Stefan Raab playing the Ukelele. I loved it. It made me smile on the inside. It made me feel nostalgic of Fresh Prince Days… and it was all-in-all, a great find.  So I looked up on the google, and came across this website.  Cute. 

Other Words for Said – Ever been caught in a conversation that goes something like this? :

Other person: ‘omigod you won’t believe what happend with me and my EX-best friend yesterday’

You: ‘oh yeah? tell me about it!’

Other Person: ‘Well she told me that ____ and I was like ‘_______,’ ‘and then she said ___, and then I said

_____, and then she said _______, and then I was like __________, then she was like _______’?

It sucks.  This website may help.

  1. Woodshed said:

    Thanks for mentioning my site. Glad you like it.

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