Little Bites worth looking at

I’ve started to explore the internet a bit more since my main squeeze introduced me to stumbleupon.

I figure that if anyone is reading me, they should know the sites that I have fallen in love with.

I guess this will be a sort of weekly blogroll that I will update throughout the week.

Red Nose Studio – UNBELIEVABLE talent in carving and puppetry and photography.  Truly stunning work.

One Word – What a great idea to get your mind in the mood for more writing. I visit it at least once a week. Sometimes I get anxious and check it too early and end up submitting two entries for one day.

Wesley Burt’s Drawing Samples – These came up randomly in my clicking in the morning and I’m SO happy. It’s refreshing to see real sketching done with pencils or charcoal or other mediums that actually show the brush strokes of the artist. It’s as though you get to experience and understand their proccess a little more.  Really great work.

Jerusalem by Matisyahu – I can’t get a link to work to any youtube videos, but this song is worth looking up. It made me very happy.

< baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahah. ok. i put in some links to beautiful art. this is just plain internet stupidity. i like it and i’m not afraid to admit it.


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