my clicks are subliminally telling me to get a haircut


When I come across this photo more than one time in one morning, I know that it’s time to stop using hairpins, and about time for me to get a haircut. The last one I got was 8 dollars and was from a little alley shop in Toronto’s Chinatown.  I HATED it the first day I got it, but after a week of getting used to it, it became the best haircut I had ever gotten. For months (and I should say at least 8 months) after that haircut, I would get comments like ‘whoa! did you just cut your hair?’ 

THAT is value in an 8 dollar haircut. 

BUT my manfriend has told me that he’s giving me an early christmas present and that will be a fancy-pants haircut. 

I’m excited. So excited that I dedicated an entire blog entry to it.

La fin.


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