Polar bears don’t have to wear camouflage, or use a gun.

THIS doesn’t seem so bad.  It doesn’t seem so gruesome. It seems beautiful and natural. And incredibly full of respect.

I’m glad I got to see the picture, but I can’t help but think that the photographer and all the ship’s passengers were intruding upon a private ceremonial act of sustenance.

Then I think of ‘hunting’ and I think of this.  And I realize why I could never understand what it feels like to hunt for game. To kill for the sense of killing. Revolting. Using a gun is so cowardly and disrespectful of the act of taking the life of something so much bigger and stronger than you.

Am I six? I could write a picture book on this.

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  1. woodspryte said:

    yay! You’re blogging again. Awesome.

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