front lawns

i was going to title this ‘front lawns are the faces to our homes’

or ‘lawns are the first impression’ or something equally cliche and corny.


i haven’t written in a while because i’ve been actually pretty involved in DOING… i’ve been landscaping, and this has provided me with a lot of examples of excessive frivolity on lawns, gardens, and related items.

without spewing my bad feelings about the unashamed wealth of a good portion of rich torontonians, i will say that i’ve fallen in love with the idea of lawns saying something about the people that live within the home that falls behind that lawn.

i was walking home from a friend’s house and saw this:


i really couldn’t decide what i thought of it, but i knew it needed to be documented.  i felt strongly about it, but didn’t know how i felt.  more than a month after i’ve taken the photos, i still don’t know how i feel.


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