out of the mouth of babes

so I ride a longboard… not passionately, not with much style or with much of a quest for danger, but I ride it around because it’s way faster than walking.  some people look at me funny, some people seem afraid of me, some people scurry out of my way, assuming i’m on some sort of straight path, without any ability to turn, but the BEST reactions come from little kids.  they range from ‘whooooa!!! cool’ to ‘mom! i want one!’ to ‘that’s a BIG skateboard!’ to ‘what is that?’ to pure silence accompanied by wide, curious eyes.  kids are wonderful. they make me feel WAY more hardcore then i actually am.  but toDAY i heard the BEST reaction:

a little boy in a stroller, he must have been around 2 to 3 years old, looked at me, looked up at his parents, looked at me again, and then said with confident assurance ‘that’s an excavator on wheels.’  !!! that comment made me smile the whole way home.

then i looked up excavator and found this:


so, i guess that’s not really wheels, but the thing CAN roll… but what does this machine have to do with me? i WAS wearing construction boots and dirty, ripped up jeans, so maybe the little boy thought i worked on one of these bad boys, and excavator was my title?  who knows.

it was adorable.

i liked it.

  1. dstevensmith said:

    nice. good riding

  2. torch said:

    Torch says : I absolutely agree with this !

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