hello patio season! welcome back into my life!

hot damn that makes me happy.

even though I had to wear approximately 23 layers, and hold my raspberry wheat beer in my fleece-lined brown wool mittens, it was on a patio.Cafe Diplomatico (http://www.diplomatico.ca/) was RAMMED in the middle of the day, so we were worried that we’d have to wait in line to get a patio spot. It turns out that those were the WEAK patio-goers, and that we were the true patio patrons.

This patio excursion exemplified what is beautiful about the patio experience – random drop ins! A fellow longboarder joined us for some water and a ridiculously soft bun with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and as we were almost done our main courses, a friend from out of town stopped in to have a glass of Valpolicella (which she struggled to almost finish, saying it was only slightly better than red wine vinegar).

The service was pretty awesome considering that he had a whole section inside as well as having to deal with us early-bird patio-goers. I was truly amazed with his ability to carry so many things at once. We both ordered pasta, (mine alongside chicken parmesean) :



which came out before I even realized I was hungry, only to discover that I, most definitely, was:


(that last sentence was for all you grammar nerds)
i didn’t leave a note with the bill, but I expressed great delight in my meal. the server seemed pleased.


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