walking yields neat shots

perhaps I’ve realized that this site will be a place for me to post my random thoughts and mostly my pictures.

I’ve been walking more lately… trying to ingest more fresh air, trying to take productive and healthy breaks from studying instead of just creeping around on facebook.  (side note, i wonder how long it will take for facebook addiction to become part of the D.S.M.?)

 Anyway, I was on my way to the library and found this cute little house that still had easter decorations up.

easter tree         easter tree 2         easter tree 3

I really like when houses have children in them, and they decorate for each and every holiday. It reminds me of when I was a kindergarten teacher’s assistant and we’d be so very thankful when a season was upon us; grateful for the unending craft options that would soon become available to us.

this kind of inspires me to decorate my house more for holidays… unfortunately, apathy usually takes over.


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