my neighbourhood watch-cat

 i was on my way up to an appointment, and on the way found a cute little chair on the front lawn of a beautiful old house, with beautiful old trees. I took some pictures, trying to capture on an angle that others hadn’t before:

chair 1          chair 2           chair 3      

then i heard the sound of a purring cat… it got closer and kind of sounded like it was growling!! :|

cat 1 it inspected my offering  cat 2 and looked at me as if to say, are you f***ing kidding me?

sooo off i went.

i found some graffitti that was quite ugly, but looked beautiful in the sunset

 grafitti 1 it looked much prettier up close grafitti 2

so this isn’t that interesting, but i liked the pictures I took, so i figured it deserved some bandwith… i might continue to do this, cuz I like taking random pictures, and don’t know if they get appreciated in the abyss that is facebook.

we’ll see.


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